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Facepainting with love


Every year between Thanksgivng and Christmas, the church would have a “Holiday Fest”. All were welcome and buses were sent to pick up the homeless from the park,  single parents and kids living without a car, the elderly who could no longer drive or anyone without transportation. A wonderful meal would be served on the best china, gifts were given, food handed out, clothes provided and physical needs were met. We would prepare many stockings filled with good things for the children who attend the conference.


There would often be a waiting period before everyone was seated for the meal and many would just stand in the line, which usually did not work well for the little ones.  We decided to have our children’s church kids be trained as clowns and face painters. Part of the training was to learn to ask Papa God to give them a word, from Him, for the person whose face they were painting. As parents and grandparents would bring the little ones to get their faces painted, the adults wanted the same treatment. You could see and feel the difference in the people and the atmosphere, as they received a lovely and kind word from God through the children painting their face. All were forever changed!

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