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Kid's Carrying The Kingdom



Lessons Include:


  • Teaching Outline

  • Scripture References

  • Object Lessons

  • Dramas

  • "Heaven to Home"         Parent Page

  • "Class Act" Group Time

  • Reproducible Memory-Color & Activity Pages



This four volume curriclum takes our chidlren on a year long journey where they encounter the Father's love through Jesus Christ, discover their identity, and are equipped and released to fullfil their "Royal Mission"... bringing Heaven to earth. 
Lessons include: Teaching outline, Scripture references, object lessons, dramas, "Heaven to Home" parent page, "Class Act" time for group activation and reproducible memory-color & activity pages.  Comesin 3 ring binder. 12 weekly lessons and 1 review lesson. 

Ages 6 - 11 
Color/Activity/Parents pages are the only pages allowed to be photocopied. 







Leader's Guide & Brochures

Hearts need to be prepared to allow a true impartation of and by the Holy Spirit. By discovering their identity and destiny this manual equips children to effectively "minister" today. 
This manual contains 12 lessons and one set of color brochures (one per lesson - additional brochures can be ordered). Lessons include: Bible verse, skit or object lesson, materials needed list, and a special "Note to the Teacher". Ages 6 - 11.  Grades 1 - 5. 

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My Heart Is A Bucket

Exercises for Children



This series uses simple object lessons placed in a "Bucket" to teach about Papa God and His love for them.


We are loving these life lessons!


Each Sunday after children's worship, we have been using "My Heart is a Bucket" in our children's ministry to prepare them for the curriculum which we will be using after completing the "Heart Bucket".  We are extremely happy with the changes in our children in 6 weeks!  We use it for Pre-school through 5th grade and it's been fun to see how the kids are really "getting" it! Instead of just memorizing scripture (which they also are doing), they are actually understanding what it means and how to walk it out!  Parents have commented on changes they've seen in their kids.  We especially love how we are able to review each lesson and then build with the new.


God spoke, to my husband and I, quite clearly saying "keep it simple" and these lessons are exactly that.

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In Papa's Presence CD

Welcome to the "Soaking Seeds CD" series... a time to invite, listen, and enjoy God's presence. 
A children's "soaking" experience. 5 different teachings by Mike Seth, each followed by a short prayer and instrumental music by Steve Missall and Julie True.  



Soaking In His Presence CD

A unique children’s ministry resource that combines a short teaching segment with an invitation for God’s very presence to personally “soak” the seed placed into the  hearts of children while they rest in Him. (includes instrumental music for “soaking” time)


by Bill Johnson and Mike Seth

Based on the best selling book,

"When Heaven Invades Earth" by Bill Johnson

This book is an invitation and guide for young people to bring the realm of Heaven to earth.  As children discover their identity through the revelation of the Father's love, they are released to fulfill their Royal Mission: to demonstrate the Kingdom of God by living a life of miracles.  Each chapter explains and identifies the inheritance that God's sons and daughters possess, such as  the Father's love, the anointing and  indwelling of the Holy Spirit, faith, prayer, and the keys of power and authority.  This book is not only a companion for the "journey", but also provides a meeting place for children to encounter God's presence that will transform their hearts and lives.

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Four foundational truths which provide a solid base for our Christian faith... Salvation, Water Baptism, Communion, and the Holy Spirit. These lessons are taught from the perspective of "Papa God's" absolute love for us and reveal God's Kingdom in a way children can easily comprehend and receive. 
The accompanying CD contains PowerPoint presentations and reproducible color and activity pages.


Ages 6 - 11.  Grades 1 -5. 
Written by Mike Seth

© 2023  Kids In His Presence





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