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For God So loved...

The World - Preschool

"Mike Seth continues to demonstrate how beautifully simple it is to take children into God's Presence. His materials will give you child friendly ways to present deep truths from the Father's heart as you create an atmosphere for children to encounter His love, power and glory."


                  - Amy Stewart, Senior Leader

                    The Nest, Franklin, TN


Sample Lessons

We believe that "GOD IS IN A GOOD MOOD" and children are naturally drawn to a loving Father God.  All children were created by an adoring and loving God who wants them to share in His joy and presence. He desires that His kids know, hear, and see Him. 


We recommend these materials as they radiate God's love and are designed to encourage, strengthen, and bring a smile to children (and the teachers/parents who share with them).


  • All resources are colorful, concise, and easy to use.

  • Great for teaching in the classroom, for home-school, or for family devotions.


Our heart is that these materials will bring  you, and the children, to a closer intimacy with Father God, cause your heart to rejoice in Jesus, and be led by the Holy Spirit.

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