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Brody was diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus at 4 months gestation (August, 2007).  His ultrasound clearly showed that his vertebrae had not finished forming in his lumbar area & there was extra fluid on his brain which is a condition that usually accompanies spina bifida.  We were shocked & very discouraged by this news.  We have been Christians for years, but were unprepared spiritually for handling news like this.  We knew Jesus “could” heal, but needed to search the Word yet with regard to healing to know that it was His will to heal.  We immediately put the word out to friends, family & our church asking them to pray for Brody’s healing miracle.


I had called Mike Seth within the next few months to order some curriculum for our girls whom I home school (9 & 7 at the time).  I had shared that the girls were praying for their brother’s healing.  Mike asked me about our situation & if the kids in his Children’s Church could pray for Brody.  He informed me that these kids believe in miracles & experience them.  Of course I said “YES!”  I received the Supernatural Children’s Teaching Curriculum from Mike & Marilyn and shortly after, an envelope including approximately 25 prophetic drawings from the Children’s Church kids.  Many pictures showed Brody with a perfect spine & prophesied that God was healing Brody.  I was so encouraged!


Brody needed to be taken via C-section 3 weeks early due to high-end hydrocephalus.  Brody was born on December 11th.  We were wholeheartedly believing for a miracle to manifest, however, Brody was born with his back open & hydrocephalus.  Due to hours & hours of meditating on healing scripture & listening to wonderful teachings by Bill Johnson and others, we had built such strong spiritual muscle by then.  We were not discouraged & were more determined than ever to contend for God’s will for Brody.  God showed us amazing things with regard to Brody’s strength both mentally & physically within the first few hours.  However, we were faced with many severe attacks from the enemy over the next few weeks.  

After Brody’s surgery (to close his back only) on day two, he began having seizures (which he was medicated for) and a brain MRI indicated that his whole brain had hemorrhaged.  Drs. were very concerned & told us that they couldn’t even give a prognosis of how things would turn out – that the hemorrhages would leave damage.  Brody’s bladder & kidneys were also retaining urine, so he was put on medications to prevent infection.  The opening on his back had not healed properly, so it was re-opened about 1 ½ weeks after his birth.  

I had been updating all of our contacts (including Mike & Marilyn) of changes along the way.  I remember an e-mail from Mike & Marilyn informing that they were going to ask the Children’s Church kids to pray for a Christmas miracle.  We went to visit Brody on Christmas morning (2 weeks after his birth) when we received the news from the surgeon that Brody could be taken home.   
We received our Christmas miracle!



By the time he was 3 months old, the Urologist took him off seizure & bladder medication.  He has had no trouble in either of these areas since.  His Neurologist wrote him off her caseload at 9 months of age.  She (including all of the specialists we’ve come in contact with) knew that we were praying & believing for Brody’s healing.  She shared that she couldn’t believe how fast the hemorrhages had healed and stated at his last visit, “It looks like you got the miracle you’ve been praying for – he’s amazing!”  “I could not have told you how all of this was going to work out for Brody”.


Brody’s Urology (bladder, bowel, kidneys) appointments have proven that all is functioning well. Neurosurgery had performed MRIs on his brain & spine & indicate that things look “typical” for the diagnosis they give him, however, Brody is functioning surprisingly well according to them.  He has both feeling & movement in his lower extremities.


We continue to pray for protection over all of these areas & believe that God will completely deliver Brody from all afflictions attached to these diseases.  We are performing physical therapy in-home with Brody daily.  We pray for continued & increased strength, control & sensation to come to his lower half.  We also pray for a determination to want to go-for-it!  Brody is able to stand up to the couch when his feet are placed under him.  He also army-crawls using both legs & is able to go up & down in a kneeling position.  He thrives on praise & we work with him & encourage him to keep trying!  We pray also that he will have a love for Jesus at an early age & that the Lord will use him and our family mightily in the calling He has for each of us!


Our family has been changed dramatically through this situation.  The Word has been hidden deeply in our hearts & we truly “get” the commission the Lord has given us to walk out the Gospel of the Kingdom.  We are standing on healing truths not only for Brody but many others now as God continues to open our eyes to all the needs around us.  We are seeing the fruit of persevering & watching God confirm His Word.  All things are possible for those who believe!



Brody is now a delightful, active, young boy . He still has some physical issues, but has gone far beyond any of the doctors expectations, and continues to improve. Every visit to the doctor (which are infrequent now) usually ends with, “He is doing so well, we won’t need to see him again for a long time. Join us in praying for that time when the last doctor says, “We will miss seeing Brody, but he doesn’t need to come back, except to visit.”


Troy, Sheila, Brooke, Brittney & Brody Beecroft Home

Written 6-18-09

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